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Why a hydrogen fuel cell food truck?

Three primary reasons: 1) Communities come together over food. We discuss, laugh, create, and sometimes argue over food. We live in spaces that enable us to thrive, our homes are sacred for this reason. We are very selective of where we eat, we judge everywhere that's not home. 2) Because we judge them so, we keep our dining areas clean. "You don't sh!t where you eat." This contrasts with the smell of generator or diesel emissions. Regional laws reflect this public perception, food-trucks are only allowed in certain zones because they are fundamentally dirty, unless they are plugged in to infrastructure, then they are a novelty that is more often permanent. 3) The power-to-weight benefit of hydrogen fuel cell power generation enables a longer operational runtime between fill-ups, due to a lower mass of batteries to achieve the same power rating and runtime. Simply put, the power density of hydrogen is greater, and more quickly & easily distributed, than the recharging time of battery alternatives, even with PV solar on-the-go.

What food will you serve?

Nearly the most common question, this is where the fun begins! Because our advertisers determine our schedule of events, and those advertisers are welcome to be food brands, we needed to keep our options open. When an Advertiser is a food company, we will work with them to design a solution that best highlights their food product. It is at the descretion of the advertiser as to if, and who, the catering option would be for their specific event. On the Caterer side of things, we are seeking partnerships with highly talented, capable, and exceptionally responsible caterers. We want chefs who see their whole kitchen, from soil to soiled. Our caterers must be willing to trial zero-waste solutions, including compostable packaging and serving materials. Each chef is required to have operational control of a county health department-permitted commissary kitchen at which to host the food-truck prior during and immediately after the catered event.

Are hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles safe?

This is a highly technical question, but common nonetheless to those who are not intially familiar with hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). There are a number of leading automobile manufacturers that are offering FCEVs for consumers. Leading FCEVs, like Hyundai's NEXO are out-performing their battery electric vehicle alternatives on both power-to-weight as well as refueling times. Public California resources on safety and other introductory topics related to hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles can be found at:

Is this truck going to sell food to the public, or just events?

We are so excited for our Advertiser's schedule to fill. There has been a lot of anticipation for this project, and we look forward to connecting so many communities with sustainable brands! That noted, there may be moments of down time. This is when we reach out to our roster of Caterers, looking for the all stars in the area in which we are currently located. Our mission is to pemit R.E.C.E.S.S. in every county that hosts a hydrogen fueling station during the year 2020.

The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Food Truck

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